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Our Mission

Our mission for KMC Urgent Care and KMC Family Care is to have continuity of care for our patients. Working in the emergency room for years, I’ve noticed some of the patients end up in the ER due to getting unavailable appointments with their primary care provider. This exposes the patients to hospital acquired infections and also raises the cost of healthcare. We want to help the situation by combining our Urgent Care with a Family Care. Should our patients need to see our provider due to unforeseen conditions, they will get seen at our urgent care as a walk-in. Our urgent care is open seven days a week during office hours and such patients will be assessed and treated by the urgent care provider. In this arrangement, patients will receive the necessary care and be followed up by our PCP after the urgent care visit. Conversely if a patient from urgent care requires a follow up, that can be arranged with our PCP to ensure complete resolution of a condition. We strive to treat all patients like our family members. We believe in approaching every patient as a team in a holistic way.


Our Vision

We see ourselves as leaders in ambulatory medicine in and around the Columbus area. We view ourselves to be a team of Healthcare professionals who are extremely caring. We believe in treating all patients with friendship and kindness. Our goal is to create a permanent relationship with the people of our community. We strongly believe that a loving and clean environment is the first step towards healing. Our team is equipped to take care of non-emergent conditions in a timely and holistic manner.

Support for All Ages

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A Lifetime of Trust

Open 7 days a week. Owned and ran by a licensed Medical Doctor. Registered Nurses on site at all times.

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